Sisters & Brothers NT

At least one member of S&BNT appears in the following;


“Rosalina Curtis talks about moving to Sydney to transition”, ABC News, April 2015

“Sistergirls and Brotherboys celebrate at Pride Carnivale”, CAAMA Radio, October 2014

“Arrerente elder defends Sistergirls at first LGBTIQ meeting”, CAAMA Radio, October 2015

“Sistersgirl share their story”, Bent TV & YGender, August 2014

“Sistergirls”, SBS Living Black: S18 Ep3, March 2013

“Roaslina & Simone”, Beyond Blue Family Support online, December 2013

“Alice Pride Carnivale”, 01/06/2013, CAAMA Radio video

Queen of the Desert

SBS Insight – Transgender youth

ACON Sistergirl DVD



“Meet the transgender Sistergirls of Tiwi Island”, BuzzFeed News, August 2015

Aboriginal LGBTQIs voice their views on Aboriginal petition against same-sex marriage

“A look at LGBTIQ peer support services in the NT”, VICE magazine August 2015

“Intersex advocate to highlight perils of normalising surgery”, ABC, July 2015

“Transgender women are falling through the cracks in Australia’s homeless system”, BuzzFeed News, June 2015

“Young transgender people forced to leave the NT due to lack of services”, ABC News, May 2015

“Transgender Indigenous Australians are in desperate need of help”, BuzzFeed News, May 2015

“Transgender woman Starlady explains why she moved to the desert six years ago”,, May 2015

“Indigenous gay and transgender people call for support and acceptance ahead of Mardi Gras”, ABC, February 2015

“I am intersex, Shon Klose’s story”, December 2014

“I am intersex: Georgie Yovanovic’s story” ABC News, December 2014

“Aboriginal Sistergirls launch new service”, ABC, October 2014

”Black and Queer in the Red Centre” Dandy Magazine 2013

“Out and Proud” Dec 2013, Gay News Network

“New voice for Indigenous Sistergirls and Brotherboys”, November 2013

“Pride Carnivale in Alice Springs”, 01/06/2013, CAAMA Radio pics



“The push for support services for Aboriginal gay and transgendered people”, CAAMA Radio, March 2015

“Transgender advocate-Brie Curtis”, SBS, March 2015

“My journey has been about finding who I really am Que Kenny”, CAAMA Radio, October 2014.

“Crystal shares her journey . .. . . from Cyril to Crystal”, 21/06/2013, CAAMA Radio

Other cool articles

Trans in the NT

“Research to shed light on transgender wellbeing”, Charles Darwin University, May 2015

“Darwin showgirl Siane Tate one of the first to take part in study on transgender community in the northern territory”, NTNews, May 2015

Indigenous LGBTI, Sistergirl and Brotherboy

Same-sex: Wayne Bergmann says aboriginals should back marriage equality, The Australian, August 2015

“The importance of LGBTI Indigenous inclusion”, Star Observer, July 2015

Youth suicide at crisis levels among indigenous population, experts warn. ABC News, June 14th 2015

“What it is like to grow up transgender and aboriginal”, Daily Life, June 2015

“The trans life of Kai”, Triple J, June 2015

“Growing up as a transgender Indigenous Australia”, April 2015

Kai” Story Staying negative, Staying Negative

“Not in our culture? Open hearts helped me grow up Indigenous and gay”, The Guardian, October 2014

“Brotherboys Kai Clancy”, Indigi-briz 2014

“Taunts, sex work and redemption, Lisa’s path to happiness” Lisa O’brien & Jason De Santis June 2014

Nurnakah Show

Transgender health pathways in the NT        01/09/15

Uluru Bark Petition    21/08/15

Nurnakah Show supporting marriage equality           14/08/15

Barry Ballman, Sistergirl Lisa O’Brian, Brotherboy Jeremy Anderson         24/07/15

IndigiLez, Kellum Steele, Aunty Vanesa        17/07/2015

Coming out as a Sistergirl or Brotherboy to your family       19/06/15

Brotherboys    12/06/15

Same sex marriage and Starlady’s TedX talk  29/05/15

Gender Fluidity          22/05/2015

Jason Ball, Homophobia & transphobia in sports, Transgender research in the NT 08/05/12

Brotherboys JD & Kai Clancy           17/04/15

Empowering yourself             10/4/2015

Dr Hilary Tyler and Justin Fenwich  27/03/15

Mardi Gras                 06/03/15

The Launch of the Nurnakah Show                20/2/15